In order run Air-Vision Duct Cleaning as efficiently as possible and to
eliminate over-booking of appointments and budgeting time, I require that
all customers do the following before committing to an appointment time
and date:

1.    Check with all other decision-making adults in the home
to see that all are in agreement on hiring Air-Vision.

2.    Budget for this service. It's not cheap, but is affordable.

3.    Double-check other commitments and appointments.

If appointments are moved due to un-forseen events, (family illness, being called
out-of-town etc.),
rescheduling is expected when you call.

Please keep in mind the projects like floor and wall sanding often take longer
than quoted, so please schedule the duct cleaning a few days AFTER their
quoted date.

Air-Vision is a family-run company and offers scheduling flexibility that
can sometimes bring challenges to making PTA meetings, Dance Class,
and other family activities. Your thoughtful planning, and committing to
keeping an appointment is appreciated!

Lost work days hurt a small family business.


Standard price quotes assume the following:

1. Parking close to the house.
2. A responsible adult to answer the door at the scheduled time.
3. No extended down time due to other contractors or distractions in the home.
4. Reasonable access to air vents and furnace location.
5. On-Site payment at the end or the job.
6. A safe working environment.
7. You okay work to begin by signing Air-Vision's work order.

The fee for extended down time will be billed in 15 minute increments at a
rate $45/hour.  Billing starts after the end of the first 15 minutes.


Cats can get into the duct system. They can be caged, or shut in a room such as
a bathroom and shuffled to another room later. (Cats usually run a hide from the
hissing and fluttering noise the tools make.)

Friendly dogs do not usually need to be penned up.

Ferrets should be caged as they can get into the duct system.

Reptiles need to be in their aquariums.

Any animal that can run outside and shouldn't, needs to be penned up.

If there is any doubt about how your pets will act around an animal-loving visitor,
then please pen or board them.


Air-Vision often works in the close presence of small children and doesn't mind
doing so. Parents and caregivers should be mindful of where they are. Tools,
equipment, and the technician himself can all be either interesting or even
disturbing to a small child.

The tools and equipment aren't very hazardous, but do need to be left alone.


In many cases, homeowners choose to run errands, even leave to go to work
while the ducts are being cleaned. This is okay if we are all in agreement on how
to lock up and receiving payment.

Before you leave, you will be asked to sign the invoice and note that it is okay to
proceed. Also leave your telephone contact information should something
unexpected come up.
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