Dryer Vent Cleaning
in Kansas City

Clean dryer vents mean that cloths dry faster
and your fire risk is reduced.

Annual cleaning is recommended to insure that there
is never a serious problem.

White plastic vents can't be cleaned, nor should
they ever be used to vent a dryer vent. The plastic
slowly 'cooks' and will eventually burn.

Ridged pipe, PVC pipe and most silver flex-pipe are
what I can clean.

The smallest pipe Air-Vision will clean is 4" inches in
diameter, which is the typical size of most residential

Most vents are priced at $87.50 with a $10 gas
charge.  Severe blockages will be slightly more as is
bird's nest removal. Minor repairs can add another
small charge.

The service area for dryer vent cleaning is the 10
mile radius around the Truman Sports Complex.

Evening and Saturday appointments are available.

Call   816-510-7573   to schedule!

A typical 4" diameter
dryer vent pipe
severely restricted
with lint build-up.

There is barely 2" of
opening in the

This vent was
long overdue
for cleaning.