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An ordinary home video
camera was placed inside
a nasty return-air trunk line
to record the cleaning.

What a show it captured!  

This is one of Air-Vision's
jobs in Independence, MO.  

Thanks to Air-Vision's
customer, M. Squires for
allowing Air-Vision extra
time to set up and record
Check out our Home Movie on YouTube!  Look at the dirt fly!
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Ward Holman
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Duct Cleaning is my
There are no
employees, just me!
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Ward Holman
All in a day's work.  I've yet to see 'everything' after 16 years!
This baseboard return grill
had virtually no air-flow.
I had pull out the toys before I
could clean the vent.
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Here are the reasons customers are

  • A new baby is on the way.

  • Removal of construction debris.

  • Problems with sheet rock and floor sanding dust.

  • Allergy concerns.

  • Their new furnace is blowing out old dirt.

  • The dirt in the ducts stinks and they want it gone.

  • They bought a home with someone else's dirt still in it.

  • They figure that clean is better than dirty

  • Air Flow concerns

  • Mold concerns

  • They looked inside a vent and said, "Gross".

  • The previous owner had 'nasty' pets.

  • The previous owner smoked
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I regret that I will not be able to take air-duct cleaning requests, only dryer vent cleaning.

The Air Duct Business is for Sale.

I'm leaving this site up for the new owner to take over.

It's been a great 16 years, and I'm giving up cleaning air ducts to become "The Dryer Vent Guy"

Call me for dryer vent cleaning and let your neighbors now what I do.